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"No Permission For China Ship, Indian Concerns Important": Lankan Minister

09/26/23 5:47 AM

Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Ali Sabry on Monday said that Colombo has not given permission to a Chinese vessel to dock, adding that Indian security concerns are "important" for Sri Lanka.

"Terrorists Found Safe Haven In Canada": Lankan Minister Shreds Trudeau

09/26/23 7:25 AM

Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Ali Sabry on Monday, reacting to the India-Canada diplomatic row, said terrorists have found safe haven in Canada and their Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came out with the outrageous allegations without any proof.

'Endless': one Venezuelan's arduous odyssey to the U.S.

09/25/23 10:38 AM

At 32, Venezuelan Victor Manuel Atencio had finally had it: The crisis roiling his country, he felt, had ruined all his hopes for the future.So he made the difficult decision to emigrate to the United States -- a grueling odyssey that ended up taking two months and covering some 3,000 miles (4,800 kilometers) marked both by calamity and kindness."It seemed endless, very exhausting," he told AFP, choking with emotion, after finally crossing from Mexico to the Texas border town of Eagle Pass, where he first set foot on American soil."I had thought that the hardest part would be the jungle," said Atencio, referring to the dangerous and debilitating hike through the Darien jungle between Colombia and Panama."But then I realized that the urban jungle was far worse," with attacks and robberies commonplace along the way."Animals behave better than men," he added.Now, however, after fording the Rio Grande, with its capricious currents, he was in the United States.Atencio began his journey on July 30, along with 31 countrymen from western Venezuela. Like him, they had become fed up with the government of Nicolas Maduro, whose rule has been marked by political turmoil and economic collapse.During the exhausting trek through the Darien jungle, where a stream of migrants face both natural dangers and attacks by vicious criminal gangs, Atencio had gradually cast aside the few belongings he started the trip with, keeping only the barest of necessities: his identity papers and a cellphone with earbuds."It's sad seeing the shape some people are in on this trail," he said, describing the brutal conditions migrants face.Things were particularly tense for him when he passed through Nicaragua and Guatemala, where he said he was repeatedly robbed.Between bribes and extortion, Atencio said he lost $3,000.But the journey was not entirely grim.Some people "gave us food or clothes, and that's how we were able to survive," he said, flashing a rare smile.Once he was finally standing on American soil, Atencio embraced a travel companion."We made it," he said.Atencio's aim is to join cousins in Dallas -- and to forge a life that will "provide hope" to family members still in Venezuela.

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$218,000 in stolen retail goods found in an L.A. backyard; 10 arrested, police say

09/21/23 12:00 PM

Organized retail theft investigators arrested 10 people last week after uncovering a scheme involving over $218,000 worth of stolen goods.

'Kids are having to use their deadname': Students say gender policies make schools feel unsafe

09/21/23 10:00 AM

New policies requiring schools to notify parents if a student is gender-nonconforming are seeping into campus culture in ways some students find dangerous.

'Really?!?': Jen Psaki Shreds Kevin McCarthy's Shutdown Angst

09/25/23 6:13 AM

"Well, do I have news for you, Speaker McCarthy..." said the Biden White House press secretary turned MSNBC anchor.

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'Abbott Elementary' Star Shows Support For NFL Cheerleading Alumni

09/24/23 6:26 PM

Former cheerleaders for the Washington Commanders are still upset at the NFL for not releasing the investigation report into the workplace culture.

'What are we doing?': Aaron Judge's first year as Yankees captain ends without October

09/25/23 6:55 AM

For the first time since 2016, there will be no postseason baseball in the Bronx. For Judge, that brings regret -- and motivation.

'Worst game of the season': How the Sun stunned the Liberty to steal Game 1

09/26/23 12:59 AM

Connecticut took a 1-0 lead by playing some of its best defense of the season.