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"Committed To Goal Of A Nuclear Weapons-Free World": India At Top UN Body

09/27/21 9:04 PM

India on Monday underlined the need for the international community to pay closer attention to the illicit proliferation of networks of nuclear weapons, their delivery systems, components and relevant...

"Official Facebook Account Hacked": Former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani

09/27/21 3:10 PM

Former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Monday warned about the hacking of his Facebook account, where a call for recognition of the Taliban was published minutes earlier.

"We Will Not Remain Silent": Afghan Woman Business Leader On Taliban Rule

09/27/21 1:50 PM

An Afghan business leader who employs hundreds of women on her saffron fields has vowed to speak up for the rights of her workers, and "not remain silent" under Taliban rule.

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$1 Million Jackpot Scratch Ticket Win Makes Paris Resident Rich

09/27/21 3:35 PM

A very good weekend for a person in Paris, Texas who is newest Texas Lottery million dollar winner.

'It was like magic!' Bride's parents miraculously make it to Florida in time for wedding

09/23/21 12:33 PM

Aline Nas never thought her parents in Brazil would be able to get their visas in time to make it to her wedding. Her groom Ryan Tickle surprised her.      

'SNL' cast members Beck Bennett, Lauren Holt exit; three new cast members announced

09/27/21 8:48 PM

Live from New York, it's … a new season and a new cast of "Saturday Night Live." See which cast members are returning, exiting and getting promoted.      

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'Filthy' great admits he was sucked in by Storm

09/27/21 2:34 AM

PAUL GALLEN: There was one big factor that swung Saturday's match in favour of the Penrith Panthers.

32 Thoughts Podcast: Will the NHL intervene in the Jack Eichel situation?

09/27/21 2:36 PM

Jeff and Elliotte discuss the ongoing Jack Eichel situation in Buffalo and wonder if the NHL should get involved, and more, on the latest episode of 32 Thoughts. The post Key dates for 2021-22 NHL season: When trade deadline, free agency will happen appeared first on

76ers ready to start season without Simmons

09/27/21 8:54 PM

Simmons, a three-time All-Star, was a no-show at Monday’s media day and was not expected to report when training camp opens.