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WHO Chief Warns There May Never Be A 'Silver Bullet' For Coronavirus

08/03/20 3:31 PM

The director of the World Health Organization urged people to practice “the basics of public health" to stop outbreaks of COVID-19.

Spain's Former King Leaving Country Amid Financial Scandal

08/03/20 12:54 PM

The country's prime minister recently said he found the developments about King Juan Carlos I ― including investigations in Spain and Switzerland ― “disturbing.”

Coronavirus Live Updates: Fauci 'Cautiously Optimistic' U.S. Could Have Vaccine This Year

08/03/20 9:53 AM

Stay up to date as we cover the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its effects across the world.

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Isaias strengthens to Category 1 hurricane ahead of projected landfall in the Carolinas

08/04/20 12:04 AM

Isaias strengthened into hurricane priort to making landfall in the Carolinas on Monday night, will bring dangerous storm surge and flash flooding.       

Maryland governor overturns order that would keep Barron Trump's school closed as president pushes reopening

08/03/20 10:31 PM

Gov. Larry Hogan said the decision to reopen should be left to "schools and parents, not politicians."       

Deborah Birx slammed by both Trump, Pelosi in her role as White House coronavirus coordinator

08/03/20 10:29 PM

Pelosi told CNN Monday she didn't have "any confidence" in Birx, saying she has "enabled" Trump and not done enough to correct faulty medical claims.       

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MLB Commissioner Confident League Can Get Through Season, Playoffs Despite Coronavirus

08/02/20 9:15 AM

At least 18 Miami Marlins players have been infected along with three St. Louis Cardinals. More than a dozen games have been postponed.

MLB Umpire Joe West Bleeds From Ear After Bo Bichette Accidentally Hits Him With Bat

07/30/20 6:29 PM

Although the ump briefly left the game, he was back by the third inning.

Iowa Football Team Showed Racial Bias, Bullied Black Players: Inquiry

07/30/20 11:57 AM

Many current and former Black players described the University of Iowa was a place where ”a small number of coaches felt empowered to bully and demean athletes, especially Black athletes."