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"Assassination Attempt Has Sealed The Election": Trump's Close Aide

07/18/24 12:10 AM

Unless a miracle happens for Democrats, Donald Trump is set to be the 47th President of the United States of America, a beaming Shalabh Kumar, a close aide of Trump, told NDTV.

"Press This Button": Portable Suicide Pod To Be Used In Switzerland Soon

07/17/24 9:53 PM

An assisted dying group expects a new portable suicide pod to be used for the first time in Switzerland potentially within months to provide death without medical supervision, they said Wednesday.

'Betrayal': Trump shrugs off McConnell warning and invites authoritarian to Mar-a-Lago

07/11/24 2:57 PM

Donald Trump will host an authoritarian leader in his home one day after Sen. Mitch McConnell warned fellow Republicans to stay away from a European prime minister "parroting Putin’s talking points," reports show. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán intends to meet with the presumptive Republican nominee and convicted felon after a NATO summit in Washington, a Trump campaign spokesperson told the New York Times. The Guardian reports they will meet at Mar-a-Lago, the Florida social club where Trump stands accused of illegally storing classified government information. The meeting will take place one day after McConnell publicly slammed Republicans who are "cozying up to Orbán" on the Senate floor, Punchbowl News' Andrew Desiderio reports.EXCLUSIVE: Trump’s ‘secretary of retribution’ has a ‘target list’ of 350 people he wants arrested"Republicans in Washington who fashion themselves both ‘national conservatives’ and China hawks should pay more attention to Mr. Orban’s actions and ask themselves if they are consistent with America’s interests," McConnell reportedly said. McConnell blasted Orbán's “self-aggrandizing” and “insidious” visit with Russian President Vladimir Putin and a trip to China to meet with President Xi Jinping, saying he had a “curious soft spot for authoritarians.”Orbán — "known for embracing far-right politics and authoritarian leaders" — has been echoing Trump's rhetoric with the promise to “make Europe great again," the Times reports.According to the report, his hours-long meeting with Putin at the Kremlin caused alarm in capitals around the bloc.Columnist David Rothkopf took to X Thursday to condemn Trump's scheduled meeting with Orbán. "Trump meeting Orban opposite NATO Summit immediately following Orban mtg w Putin and Xi is the sort of betrayal of the US that would’ve led to Congressional investigations or worse in the past," he wrote. Trump's position on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization remains unclear. When a Fox News radio host tried to question Trump about his position Wednesday, the former president railed instead about COVID, China, insane asylum residents and economic indicators.

'Keep better company': McConnell vows to 'stamp out' Trumpian 'America First' policies

07/12/24 2:52 PM

Sen. Mitch McConnell Friday vowed he'll be "stamping out" Donald Trump's foreign policy ethos and slammed the former president for rhetoric he linked to 1930s fascists, a new report shows. McConnell made this declaration to Punchbowl News on the heels of a NATO summit that saw Hungary's authoritarian prime minister Viktor Orbán skip down to Mar-a-Lago for a powwow with Trump — despite warnings from the senate minority leader. "Stamping out the Donald Trump-inspired foreign policy ethos from the GOP," has become crucial to McConnell, according to the report. “This is going to be my top priority," McConnell (R-KY) reportedly said. “This is the most important thing going on in the world right now." Trump, an outspoken critic of the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance, has repeatedly threatened to withdraw from the organization its supporters say protects global security by fortifying American allies. ALSO READ: ‘They could have killed me’: Spycraft, ballots and a Trumped-up plot gone haywire But Trump also proved unable to answer a basic yes-or-no question about his position this week, and instead rambled for minutes about "insane asylum" occupants, COVID, the stock market, and President Joe Biden. Trump allies such as Speaker Mike Johnson have pitted themselves against McConnell, an ally of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, by holding up aid to the war-torn nation battling a Russian invasion. McConnell told Punchbowl News he believes it is more politically savvy to back Ukraine and pointed to a Trump-endorsed candidate's Senate primary defeat to a pro-Ukraine Republican. He also took a jab at Trump foreign policy by noting the origins of his campaign slogan — used by white supremacists and fascists after World War I. “The language they used in the ‘20s and ‘30s are similar to what you hear today — ‘America First,’” McConnell reportedly said. McConnell also slammed Trump for meeting with Orbán. “I’m hoping [conservatives] might decide they better keep better company," said McConnell. "This guy’s completely in bed with the Chinese and the Russians."

'Sounds better than surrender': RNC signs mocked for saying Trump will end Ukraine war

07/17/24 10:32 PM

Internet critics mocked signs available at the Republican National Convention that said Trump would end the war in Ukraine. A photo posted Wednesday by David Drucker, senior editor for The Dispatch, showed red and white placards placed on delegate seats that read: "Trump will end the Ukraine War." The placards come the same day as military and foreign policy were expected to be the subject of speeches at the convention, he said. But commenters shredded the message with jokes over how Trump will ostensibly end the war.Read also: 'Behind closed doors': Republicans break with precedent to pass policy platform in secret"I guess that sounds better than surrender," quipped @AdamG620. "In 2016, the signs said TRUMP WILL BUILD A WALL," jabbed @liberalpuppy."…by giving Ukraine to Putin," said @hangdogpete."Letting Russia win is technically a way to end a war, I guess," @tylerbuttoff."Republicans surrender faster than the French," quipped @onepawout."Easy to end the war when you simply capitulate to Putin," joked @keltrott."Too bad they didn’t put 'by giving Ukraine to the Russians' on there," wrote @adamnicotera.

'Time to end the war': Biden sees progress on Gaza deal

07/12/24 10:58 AM

President Joe Biden said Thursday that US mediators were making progress in reaching a Gaza ceasefire deal as he called for an end to the Israel-Hamas war.Biden, in a high-stakes, nearly hour-long news conference aimed at repudiating doubters of his reelection bid, acknowledged concerns about Israeli actions despite his overall support for the US ally."There's a lot of things in retrospect I wish I had been able to convince the Israelis to do, but the bottom line is we have a chance now. It's time to end this war," he said after a NATO summit in Washington.Biden acknowledged there remained "difficult, complex issues" between Israel and Hamas."There are still gaps to close. We're making progress," Biden said."The trend is positive, and I'm determined to get this deal done and bring an end to this war, which should end now," he said.Biden more than a month ago laid out a plan in which Israel would temporarily halt its offensive in Gaza and Palestinian militants would release hostages, setting the stage for talks for a permanent end to the devastating nine-month war.Hamas came back with counterproposals and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has faced pushback from some of his hard-right government allies.But diplomats have spoken of progress in the latest round of talks that closed Thursday in Qatar, the key mediator.- Pushing Israel 'really hard' -Biden threw his support behind Israel after the October 7 attack by Hamas which resulted in the deaths of 1,195 people, mostly civilians, according to an AFP tally based on Israeli figures.Israel responded with a military offensive that has killed at least 38,345 people in Gaza, also mostly civilians, according to figures from Hamas-run Gaza health ministry.Biden, 81, recalled his meeting a half-century ago as a young senator with Israeli prime minister Golda Meir -- and acknowledged that times have changed."We pushed it really hard, and Israel occasionally was less than cooperative," Biden said of Netanyahu's government."This war cabinet is one of the most conservative war cabinets in the history of Israel, and there's no ultimate answer other than a two-state solution here," he said.Biden also stood firm on his decision to hold up delivery of massive 2,000-pound bombs, even as his administration moves forward on other munitions."I'm not providing the 2,000-pound bombs. They cannot be used in Gaza or any populated area without causing great human tragedy and damage," Biden said.He again pressed Israel for a "day-after" plan for the war's end and spoke of his diplomacy to persuade Arab states to help with security."At the end of the day, there has to be no occupation by Israel in the Gaza Strip," Biden said.He also acknowledged he was "disappointed" by a pier to deliver aid into Gaza, which Biden announced in March and the US military built at a cost of $230 million as Israel impeded land routes for aid trucks.The United States plans soon to end the use of the pier permanently after it was plagued by problems, including the weather."I was hopeful that would be more successful," Biden said.

'Unnoticed, catastrophic': Rising opioid fears in Eastern Europe

07/17/24 11:21 AM

Eastern Europe, once seen as immune to the opioid crisis wreaking havoc across North America, has been ramping up its fight against the rise of the dangerous, synthetic drugs.There have been dozens of deaths and many more arrests in Poland this year linked to synthetic drugs, including mephedrone -- an alternative to cocaine -- as well as fentanyl and nitazenes.Poland's Central Investigation Bureau of Police has dismantled 33 illegal synthetic drug "factories" this year, according to its spokesman Krzysztof Wrzesniowski.Two of them were exclusively producing mephedrone, used to replace cocaine at a cheaper cost.Aside from causing problems in Poland, media reports found that such laboratories were also found to be exporting drugs throughout the European Union, including to the neighbouring Czech Republic and Slovakia."It is a constant race between criminals who produce these substances... and laboratories and the sanitary inspection," Poland's Chief Sanitary Inspector Pawel Grzesiowski said."They are constantly looking for new substances, new varieties."- 'Crooked drug business' -Zuromin, a town of about 9,000 people two hours north of Warsaw, has been named the region's unofficial fentanyl capital.For some, it is reminiscent of small towns in the United States which were the first to fall victim to the country's opioid epidemic.In June, local police seized a total of 300 patches of the drug, capable of intoxicating 4,800 people, and arrested four people suspected of involvement in the illegal fentanyl trade.But for the town's residents, this is not a new problem."From the beginning, the problem seemed to me to be marginalised, unnoticed, catastrophic," Adam Ejnik, a teacher and journalist from Zuromin, told AFP.As early as 2015, Zuromin's inhabitants appealed for help in an open letter published in the local newspaper."No city in Poland has such statistics," the letter read.In response to growing concern, Poland's health ministry introduced a system for monitoring opioid prescriptions, building upon an existing policy to limit the amount of prescriptions by individual doctors.Widespread fears prompted Prime Minister Donald Tusk to call a meeting with the attorney general, health minister and police chiefs."No one who is involved in this crooked drug business in Poland will remain safe," Tusk said in a statement on X.- Replacing heroin -Until recently, fentanyl constituted "a rather small problem for Europe", with one notable exception, Thomas Pietschmann, a senior research official at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, told AFP."For a long time... Estonia was really the outlier in this story."Issues with fentanyl in the Baltic country first began in 2001, owing to Taliban bans on heroin."In Estonia, instead of the heroin, people switched to fentanyl," Pietschmann said, adding that the drugs initially came from neighbouring Russia.Since then, the use of synthetic opioids, including fentanyl, "is on the rise" in fellow Baltic state Lithuania, a spokesperson for the Lithuanian health ministry, Julijanas Galisanskis, told AFP.Pietschmann, one of the main authors of the World Drug Report 2024, warned that the 95 percent reduction in Afghan opium production would "be felt on the market" and people will likely "switch to other opiates"."The most problematic ones will be the fentanyls or the nitazenes."Nitazenes -- "synthetic opioids which can be even more potent than fentanyl," according to the UN -- have also emerged in high-income countries, including Latvia, Estonia and France.Nitazenes are "one of the main problems" on the drug market in Estonia, said Mikk Oja, a senior specialist at the country's National Institute for Health Development."The heroin shortage could bring a spike in synthetic opioids in other countries too, and with it likely a serious spike in overdose deaths," Oja added.Experts warn that the potency of fentanyl, which is 50 times stronger than heroin and 100 times stronger than morphine, poses additional risks."The advantage of fentanyl as a highly efficient drug for cartels is obvious –- you don't have to transport dozens of tons, you can only transport dozens of kilos," the Czech government's director for anti-drug policy, Jindrich Voboril, told AFP."We have to be careful, because the problem may emerge quite fast."

'You don't have to be undercover': Reporter shows how foreign agents infiltrate Mar-a-Lago

07/13/24 8:44 PM

Donald Trump is being used by foreign agents at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, and they don't even have to go undercover to do it, a New York Times investigative reporter said on Saturday.David A. Fahrenthold, who often writes about nonprofit organizations, appeared on MSNBC over the weekend to discuss a recent Times report about Mar-a-Lago. Specifically, he and his colleagues wrote about how extremism is good for business at the resort, saying "Mar-a-Lago has transformed into a White House in exile and the nerve center for some of the most extreme elements of the party’s MAGA wing."On Saturday, the host asked Fahrenthold about what certain entities can get when they "invest" their cash in the resort. She then cited the recent visit by Viktor Orbán of Hungary.EXCLUSIVE: Trump’s ‘secretary of retribution’ has a ‘target list’ of 350 people he wants arrested"What have you learned, if anything, about trips to Mar-a-Lago by foreign government agents?" she asked.The reporter replied that, when Trump was president, he "used it as a way to host foreign dignitaries.""The president of Japan was there twice," he said, adding that "those made money for Trump" because "his club charged the U.S. government for everything." "That was a big moneymaker for him," he said, noting that now foreign governments come to meet Trump there to signal their alignment with the former president's policies or vision."We don't know any examples of spies, undercover agents there. But you don't need to be undercover. If you're just someone who represents that government, it's better for you to be seen. We saw during Trump's presidency and after... politicians and elected leaders from other countries that want to show their alignment with Trump, that is where you go. You take that thumbs-up picture just like Viktor Orbán did." Watch below or click here.

11 Of The Best Things To Do In London This Mother's Day And Paddy's Day Weekend

03/17/23 5:02 PM

It's a Mother's Day *and* Paddy's Day double whammy, people.View Entire Post ›

16 Killed, 30 Rescued After Fire At China Shopping Centre: Report

07/17/24 8:23 PM

A fire at a shopping centre in southwestern China killed at least six people on Wednesday, state media reported, with 30 others rescued from the blaze.

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