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"One Of The Most Kind People You Would Ever Meet": She Escaped The Holocaust But Not The Pandemic

01/06/21 12:24 PM

Malvina Shabes escaped Poland during World War II and found refuge in Canada. A COVID-19 outbreak in a retirement home killed her.View Entire Post ›

'Huge' Explosion Rocks St. Vincent As Volcano Keeps Erupting

04/12/21 8:44 AM

Officials on the eastern Caribbean island are worried about those who have refused to evacuate as the La Soufriere volcano fires ash and hot gas.

'Lockdowns are a last resort': Modi appeals to Indian states to avoid harsh Covid restrictions amid variant-fueled infection surge

04/20/21 4:42 PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has issued a stark appeal for India's regional authorities not to impose state lockdowns, as the country reported more than 200,000 new Covid-19 cases for the sixth straight day on Tuesday. Read Full Article at

'Progress made' in Iran nuclear deal revival talks, parties say as negotiations pause so delegations can do 'homework'

04/20/21 3:12 PM

International talks to rescue the 2015 Iran nuclear deal have progressed and the original signatories are now clearer about how to get the US and Iran to comply, representatives of Russia and China have said. Read Full Article at

'Shang-Chi' debuts first trailer as Marvel aims to rebound from a lost year

04/20/21 4:36 PM

Shang-Chi is getting his turn on the big screen, and the superhero's debut couldn't come at a better time.

'World's greatest airport' that never was

04/12/21 9:00 AM

It was supposed to be the world's largest airport, a glamorous intercontinental hub for supersonic airliners with six runways and high-speed rail links to surrounding cities. But today, it's little more than an airstrip in the middle of nowhere.

10 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

03/26/21 7:22 PM

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.View Entire Post ›

11 police freed after violent anti-blasphemy protests in Pakistan as Muslim hardliners demand official boycott of France

04/19/21 11:09 AM

Pakistan’s interior minister has confirmed that 11 police officers who were taken hostage by Islamist radicals during violent anti-France demonstrations last weekend have been released but more talks are needed to resolve issues. Read Full Article at

1st woman applies to run for Syria's presidential elections

04/20/21 1:40 PM

A woman from the capital Damascus has applied to run for president of Syria

2020 Was One Of The Hottest Years On Record. Global Warming Is To Blame.

01/14/21 8:38 PM

NASA found 2020 tied as the hottest on record. NOAA found it came in a close second.View Entire Post ›

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