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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Caring for a Senior Loved One

01/15/24 2:15 PM

Transitioning into a caregiver's role for an elderly family member is challenging. To ensure the best care, it's crucial to understand common missteps that caregivers often make. From handling everything on your own to overlooking the caregiver's wellbeing and recent health concerns, learn from expert advice on how to avoid these mistakes and provide comprehensive care for your senior loved one. The post 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Caring for a Senior Loved One appeared first on Health and Natural Healing Tips.

7 Signs That You Have Thyroid Problems

04/04/24 4:16 PM

Thyroid issues impact the body, affecting aspects such as energy levels and metabolism. The thyroid plays a role in regulating numerous bodily functions. If it malfunctions, it can result in symptoms that might indicate a thyroid problem. Here Are 7 signs To Be Mindful That You May Have Thyroid Problems Unexplained Changes in Weight When the thyroid is underactive (hypothyroidism), it slows down metabolism, leading to weight gain. Conversely, an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) causes weight loss. If you observe fluctuations in your weight without a reason, it’s advisable to seek advice from a healthcare professional. Fatigue and Weakness Persistent fatigue and weakness despite sleep could indicate thyroid dysfunction. Thyroid hormones help produce energy; when their levels are imbalanced, they can result in fatigue and weakness. If you struggle with exhaustion throughout the day after resting at night, consider having your thyroid function evaluated. Changes in Mood and Cognitive Function Thyroid issues can also affect well-being, leading to mood swings, anxiety, or depression. Additionally, you may encounter difficulties concentrating or experience brain fog and memory problems. If these cognitive shifts go unchecked, they can impact how you live and handle tasks efficiently. Have you noticed any changes in your mood or mental state lately? It might be an idea to have your thyroid checked out. Changes in Hair and Skin Condition Your skin and hair condition can offer insights into your thyroid functioning. Dry, rough hair that easily breaks could indicate a thyroid problem, while excessive sweating, thinning hair, or skin... The post 7 Signs That You Have Thyroid Problems appeared first on Health and Natural Healing Tips.

911 Faces Its Own Emergency

07/16/24 1:25 PM

The national 911 emergency response system is in the midst of its own code red. The lack of federal funding to upgrade aging 911 systems has created significant disparities in state emergency response services, with older operations plagued by outages and longer response times. Last month, for instance, Massachusetts was hit with a statewide 911 […]

A Little-Recognized Public Health Crisis

07/17/24 1:47 PM

About every 12 minutes, someone is killed on America’s roads and countless others are injured. More than 42,500 people died in car crashes in 2022, a death toll that rivals or surpasses those of other major public health threats, such as the flu and gun violence. “We have not recognized that traffic violence is a […]

An Arm and a Leg: The Woman Who Beat an $8,000 Hospital Fee

07/17/24 9:00 AM

In this episode of “An Arm and a Leg,” host Dan Weissmann speaks with Georgann Boatright, a patient in Mississippi who was willing to drive to another state to avoid paying a steep fee to her local hospital.

Are you a Mystic? Explore the Realm of the Mystic Archetype

06/29/23 8:48 PM

To show up as the best version of self is to consistently return to the Mystic’s code of presence and truth, which naturally enlivens the essence of wonder in every step on the journey.  The post Are you a Mystic? Explore the Realm of the Mystic Archetype appeared first on Wanderlust.

Before Michigan Legalized Surrogacy, Families Found Ways Around the Ban

07/16/24 9:00 AM

Until this spring, Michigan was the only state that had a broad criminal ban on surrogacy. Many families say that left them in limbo: forcing them to leave the state to have children, finding strangers on Facebook who would carry their child, or going through the legal hassle of having to adopt their biological children.

Bienvenidos al Bienestar

07/13/23 3:22 AM

The post Bienvenidos al Bienestar appeared first on Wanderlust.

Carolyn’s Chronic Gold Pain Relief Rub: The Ultimate Natural Solution for Effective Pain Relief – A Product Review

04/01/24 4:11 PM

Looking for the ultimate natural solution for effective pain relief? Look no further than Carolyn's Chronic Gold Pain Relief Rub. In this product review, we delve into the unique qualities of this handcrafted specialty blend, tailored by Carolyn herself. Experience unbeatable pain relief for inflammation, arthritis, and rheumatism along the spine, as well as sore muscles and severe lower back and hip pain. With its remarkable combination of all-natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Coconut, Turmeric, Ginger, Frankincense, and other essential oils, Carolyn's Chronic Gold Pain Relief Rub truly stands in a league of its own. The post Carolyn’s Chronic Gold Pain Relief Rub: The Ultimate Natural Solution for Effective Pain Relief – A Product Review appeared first on Health and Natural Healing Tips.

Congratulations to our 2024 PE Vision Award winners

05/01/24 10:08 PM

We are proud to announce our 2024 CommonSpirit Health Physician Enterprise Vision Awards winners for the California Region. The annual program is intended to recognize and celebrate clinical excellence throughout the Physician Enterprise, which includes our Dignity Health Medical Groups. Anchored in the CommonSpirit Health vision statement, the PE Vision Awards are based on the common goal of providing a “healthier future for all – inspired by faith, driven by innovation, and powered by our humanity.

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