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Millennial Moms Have Been Driven To Their Breaking Point

01/22/21 3:03 PM

For nearly a year, they've been quietly trying an impossible juggle. And they need help sooner than they're likely to get it.

Remote Hawaii County Becomes Last In U.S. To Get The Coronavirus

01/22/21 1:40 PM

COVID-19 has now reached every corner of the nation, according to a new Wall Street Journal analysis.

Ohio Legislator Who Questioned Black Hygiene To Lead Health Panel

01/22/21 12:08 PM

Sen. Stephen Huffman was appointed to the state's Senate Health Committee despite questioning whether “the colored population” was disproportionately contracting the coronavirus because of their hygiene.

I Work In A Coffee Shop In Montana. Anti-Maskers Have Made My Job Hell.

01/22/21 8:00 AM

"Some of the customers I’d been friendly with for years seemed to hold no respect not only for our policies but for our health and safety behind the counter."

Lucky Few Hit COVID-19 Vaccine Jackpot For Rare Extra Doses

01/22/21 6:47 AM

Public health experts say getting a dose into someone’s arm, anyone’s arm, is better than throwing it away.

FDA Approves 1st Long-Acting HIV Drug Combo, Monthly Shots

01/22/21 6:10 AM

The two-shot combo called Cabenuva is expected to make it easier for people to stay on track with their HIV medicines and to do so with more privacy.

Pfizer Vaccine Appears To Be Effective Against UK COVID Variant: Study

01/22/21 5:21 AM

Blood from vaccinated subjects neutralized lab-created pseudo-viruses that mimicked the variant, a preliminary study found.

Biden Signs Executive Orders To Battle Pandemic: 'This Is A Wartime Undertaking'

01/21/21 7:11 PM

The president signed 10 actions designed to focus on mending public trust and overhauling the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

When Can You Get The COVID-19 Vaccine — And What Can You Do Now?

01/21/21 6:50 PM

Here's how to figure out when it's your turn to receive the coronavirus shots, where you can find appointments and more.

Texas Doctor Accused Of Stealing COVID-19 Vaccine For Personal Use

01/21/21 5:32 PM

Mishandling the vaccine can result in a loss of government funding, so the doctor was fired after the alleged theft was discovered.

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