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'It Doesn't Matter': Leadership Coach Sounds Off on How to Hack Employee Performance Reviews

09/26/22 8:58 PM

Leadership coach Kara Kirby is going viral for advising viewers to rate themselves highly when faced with employee performance reviews.

4 practical benefits of 5G for small businesses

07/11/22 9:28 AM

Alongside ‘AI’ and ‘machine learning’, 5G has become one of the tech sector’s hot topics in the past two years. There’s been a huge amount of excitement around the technological capability of this next generation mobile network, and for good reason: faster, more reliable and higher bandwidth mobile connectivity could unlock new levels of productivity,… The post 4 practical benefits of 5G for small businesses appeared first on O2 Business Blog.

4 Things to Know About the Enhanced R&D Tax Credit That Can Save Your Business Up to $2.5 Million

09/23/22 3:52 PM

The Inflation Reduction Act doubled the research and development tax credit from $250,000 to $500,000. Here's what you need to know to tap into it.

8-Month-Old Baby Dies After Doctors Find Fentanyl in Urine, Mother Believes Babysitter is to Blame

09/26/22 8:00 PM

Exposure to fentanyl may be fatal, according to the (CDC), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A NASA Spaceship Just Crashed Into An Asteroid. Here's What Happened.

09/26/22 11:36 PM

The DART mission tests how to defend the planet against a head-on asteroid collision.

A Neuroscientist Explains When It's Time to Start Worrying About Your Memory 

09/23/22 4:10 AM

Don't worry, it's good news. Most everyday airheaded-ness is nothing to stress about.

A PetSmart Dog Groomer Quit Her Job. They Billed Her Thousands Of Dollars For Training.

08/04/22 1:27 PM

The chain claims it needs to recoup its costs for employees who leave early. Workers say the real aim is to hold their wages down.

Amazon Announced a Second Prime Day Event--and It Could Be a Big Opportunity for Small Businesses

09/26/22 3:48 PM

Amazon's first fall Prime Early Access sale will take place in October, and it may help small businesses secure early holiday customers.

Apple Devoted an Entire Ad to the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island and It’s Brilliant

09/23/22 4:00 AM

It might be the best example of software and hardware design, ever.

Are You a Climber, a Hiker, or a Runner? A Founder Explains the 3 Motivation Types 

09/26/22 4:06 AM

Old formulas for motivating employees aren't working anymore. This simple but powerful framework can help.

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