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'Disappointing': World's Largest Toy Maker Abandons Initiative to Make Recycled Plastic Toys

09/25/23 4:06 PM

Lego is discontinuing efforts to use recycled plastic bottles to create its toy bricks over concerns that the move would result in increased carbon emissions, ultimately contradicting the eco-friendly mission.

'Greatest Male Performer Alive': Usher Will Headline NFL's Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show

09/25/23 4:38 PM

The Grammy Award-winning musician will take the stage during the Super Bowl Halftime Show on February 11.

4 Ways to Increase Efficiency Within Your Business

09/25/23 9:16 PM

If you can make these kinds of changes with confidence, you can pave the way for your company to survive the present and thrive in the future.

An Epic Battle Between Biden and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell is Unfolding

09/25/23 5:25 PM

An epic battle is playing out between two of the most influential men in the global economy right now; President Joe Biden and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. The outcome...

Apple's New iPhones Get New Charging Systems

09/12/23 10:29 PM

The showcase at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California, comes as the company tries to reverse a mild slump that has seen its sales drop.

Auto Workers Poised For Historic Strike Against 'Big Three' Automakers

09/11/23 4:35 PM

Many observers believe a work stoppage of some kind looks increasingly likely.

Auto Workers Strike Ford, GM And Stellantis All At Once

09/15/23 12:08 AM

The targeted walkouts are aimed at throwing the "Big Three" off balance as the union battles for new contracts.

Auto Workers Union To Hit ‘Big 3’ With Targeted Strikes, Leader Says

09/13/23 7:24 PM

Rather than strike all facilities at once, the union's president said they would wage strategic walkouts at Ford, GM and Stellantis if they don't reach deals.

Autoworkers Authorize Strikes Against Ford, General Motors And Stellantis

08/25/23 12:34 PM

The contracts for 150,000 autoworkers expire next month, creating the possibility of a large-scale walkout.

Bank Of America To Pay More Than $100 Million For Double-Dipping On Fees

07/11/23 9:53 AM

Bank of America is also being ordered to pay penalties for withholding reward bonuses and opening some accounts without customer consent.

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