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"I'm A Little Drunk": Everyone's Loving Pedro Pascal's SAG Awards Acceptance Speech Because He Was Genuinely So Surprised

02/24/24 9:47 PM

Pedro Pascal finally won an award for his work in The Last of Us, and I couldn't be happier.View Entire Post ›

"It Was Just Beautiful": Margaret Qualley Talked About The Time Taylor Swift Gave Her Purse Away To Geraldine Viswanathan After She Introduced Them

02/26/24 2:58 PM

"You know, when Geraldine did this interview, she added in a layer that I'm not sure was there," Margaret joked.View Entire Post ›

"Mea Culpa" Is Quickly Becoming A Viral Sensation, And The Funny Tweets Are Pouring In

02/24/24 4:58 PM

"The only good thing about this movie is Kelly’s face and outfits."View Entire Post ›

"Much More Challenging Than The Nudity": Emma Stone Had An Amazing Response To Being Asked About The Sexuality Of Her "Poor Things" Character

02/26/24 2:41 PM

"In some ways, that was the easiest part because that was choreographed."View Entire Post ›

"Something Was Wrong": Amy Schumer Says She's Been Diagnosed With Cushing Syndrome

02/24/24 2:03 PM

"Aside from fears about my health, I also had to be on camera having the internet chime in."View Entire Post ›

"The Devil Wears Prada" Cast Reunited At The 2024 SAG Awards, And It Was Pretty Perfect

02/24/24 8:56 PM

Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, and Emily Blunt reciting Miranda Priestly lines while presenting at the SAG Awards was perfect.View Entire Post ›

'90 Day Diaries' Recap: Andrei and Elizabeth Decide to Move Away From Her Family

02/27/24 3:00 AM

The '90 Day Fiancé' couple made a life-changing decision on Monday's episode given their past drama with Libby's siblings.

'Glass Onion' sharpens the 'Knives Out' formula in a polished Netflix sequel

11/23/22 2:00 PM

Rising to the challenge of matching its successful predecessor, "Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery" maintains the razor-sharp formula, with a setup that feels even more conspicuously like an Agatha Christie homage before an extremely clever series of twists kick in. Writer-director Rian Johnson again assembles a solid cast behind Daniel Craig, but it's his use of language -- where nary a word is wasted -- that finally gives the sequel its edge.

'Harry & Meghan' series gets release date and new trailer

12/05/22 2:13 PM

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have an early Christmas gift for their supporters.

'Love Actually' cast to reunite for 20th anniversary TV special

11/23/22 11:02 PM

One of the most beloved modern Christmas classics is turning 20 next year, and to mark the occasion, cast members from the landmark 2003 romantic comedy "Love Actually" are reuniting for a TV special to air on ABC next week, the network announced Tuesday.

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