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$1,204 a month for 150 young adults: L.A. County pilot program approved

07/28/21 9:00 AM

About a third eligible for the program are homeless with no support system. Many are Black or Latino men with limited educational and career opportunities.

'Breakthrough' COVID-19 cases rising in L.A., but the vaccinated are still protected, data show

07/30/21 8:00 AM

Unvaccinated Angelenos continue to be infected with the coronavirus and fall seriously ill at significantly higher rates than their vaccinated counterparts — further evidence of the protective power the shots provide

'He was a white man who had money': Ed Buck's Black victims fought to be believed

07/30/21 8:00 AM

The victims of Ed Buck, who was convicted in the overdose deaths of two Black men, say it felt like no one believed them.

'One giant French kiss wrapped in money': Cannabis magnate admits bribing San Luis Obispo County supervisor

07/29/21 9:00 AM

A high-profile figure in the Central Coast marijuana industry will plead guilty to bribery, the first charges made public in an ongoing investigation.

'Possible jetpack man in sight,' LAX air traffic control reports

07/29/21 5:06 PM

A pilot reports spotting an object possibly resembling a jetpack 15 miles east of LAX at 5,000 feet altitude, FAA spokesperson says.

'Shocking and so unsuspected': Barbara Boxer assaulted, robbed of cellphone in Oakland

07/26/21 7:41 PM

Former Sen. Barbara Boxer was assaulted and robbed of her cellphone on Monday in Oakland.

'The need is now.' Cecilia V. Estolano, new UC regents chair, calls for expanding enrollment

07/27/21 8:00 AM

Cecilia V. Estolano says expanding enrollment is a priority — to give more students a high-value degree and to provide the skilled talent California needs.

'Well past time': L.A. politicians want COVID-19 vaccine mandate for city workers

07/27/21 8:00 AM

A growing number of L.A. politicians want to require city workers to get vaccinated against COVID-19 as infection numbers have surged again.

1 Killed, 2 Wounded In West Pullman Shooting

08/01/21 4:50 AM

Three people were shot Saturday night in West Pullman, and one of them was killed.

20-year-old arrested in deadly shooting at Corona movie theater

07/28/21 2:13 PM

Police identified the victims as Rylee Goodrich, 18, who died at the scene, and Anthony Barajas, 19, who was taken to a hospital on life support.

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