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Coronavirus patient's dog tests positive for COVID-19 but still unclear if it's infected

02/28/20 6:27 PM

The pet dog of a coronavirus patient in Hong Kong tested "weak" positive for COVID-19, a spokesman said Friday.       

New nationwide study shows where Americans agree – and where Democrats differ headed into November

02/28/20 5:17 PM

National research project shows Republican and Democratic voters agree on gun background checks and disagree on immigration.       

What will my tax refund be? So far, they're smaller by an average of $18

02/28/20 3:49 PM

The average tax refund issued so far fell slightly to $3,125, down 0.6% from $3,143 at the same time last year, according to the IRS.      

US students lag other countries in math. The reason probably lies in how schools teach it

02/28/20 5:35 PM

U.S. schools teach math differently than other countries, which has led to low scores. These schools steal teaching tricks from around the world.       

Disney World Jungle Cruise boat full of passengers sinks, hilarious reactions ensue

02/28/20 5:28 PM

Disney World's Jungle Cruise ride didn't go as planned on Thursday, when a boat full of passengers sank into the murky water.      

We tell suicidal people to go to therapy. So why are therapists rarely trained in suicide?

02/27/20 7:42 PM

Suicidal people who seek therapy may not know that suicide training for mental health professionals is dangerously inadequate.       

Normani addresses Camila Cabello's 'horrible and hurtful' language: 'It was devastating'

02/28/20 6:07 PM

Normani opens up about former Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello's "horrible and hurtful" language.       

Why is Super Tuesday so important? What's a delegate? And what happens at a brokered convention?

02/28/20 5:19 PM

More than a third of the 2020 Democratic presidential primary votes will be cast this Tuesday.       

Here are the voter registration deadlines for the primaries in each state

02/28/20 7:21 PM

South Carolinians are voting in their primary on Saturday. Here are the voter registration deadlines for your state's primary voting.       

NFL team asks prospect whether he'd wash veteran player's car on weekly basis: 'Hell no'

02/28/20 6:22 PM

An undisclosed NFL team asked former Miami Hurricanes defensive lineman Trevon Hill whether he'd wash a veteran player's car every week.      

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