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As more schools offer in-person options, what happens to the students who stay virtual?

09/23/20 12:41 PM

As districts go from fully virtual to hybrid schedules, it's also splitting students into two groups — in-person part-time and always virtual.       

Coronavirus updates: J&J begins late-stage trial for single-shot vaccine; Ginsburg public viewing to be held outside Supreme Court

09/23/20 12:16 PM

Miami-Dade County schools will return to in-person instruction beginning Oct. 14. Donald Trump says U.S. death toll is "a shame." Latest COVID news.       

Louisville braces for fallout ahead of decision on charging police in Breonna Taylor case

09/23/20 10:38 AM

Louisville was bracing for a decision on whether any police officers will be charged in the March 13 shooting death of Breonna Taylor.       

Los Angeles Lakers' LeBron James: 'Not one time have I said let's act violent toward cops'

09/23/20 5:28 AM

LeBron James defended his critiques of law enforcement officers after the LA Lakers' Game 3 loss to the Denver Nuggets.       

Citing family friendship and character, Cindy McCain endorses Joe Biden

09/23/20 1:37 AM

"It had nothing to do with John McCain at all," Cindy McCain said of her decision to endorse Joe Biden. This was about her.       

Costco reportedly pulls Palmetto Cheese after founder calls Black Lives Matter a 'terror organization'

09/23/20 4:49 AM

Costco has reportedly removed Palmetto Cheese from store shelves after the owner of the cheese brand called Black Lives Matter a terror organization.       

Texas Tech Red Raiders softball coach steps down after review of program

09/23/20 3:53 AM

Texas Tech softball coach Adrian Gregory is stepping down, saying she has "found it best to part ways" and offering no other explanation.       

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg returns to Supreme Court for final time

09/23/20 11:23 AM

Even as President Donald Trump readied a potential replacement, Ginsburg's family, friends, former clerks and colleagues prepared for a last goodbye.       

Women in President Donald Trump's White House earn 69 cents for every $1 paid to male staffers

09/23/20 11:00 AM

The gender pay gap is wider than the national pay gap and wider than the gap in the Obama White House.       

North Carolina man charged with more than 300 sex crimes involving over 130 children. He's jailed on a $20M bond.

09/23/20 12:27 AM

Joshuah Taylor Bradshaw is charged with more than 300 sex crimes involving over 130 children, the Hoke County Sheriff's Office in North Carolina said.      

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