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10 of the Best Books on Social Security

05/27/23 2:41 PM

Social Security benefits will eventually be paid to the majority of American workers. It may be possible to qualify for bigger Social Security payments and avoid payment reductions and withholdings if you understand how the system works. Still, when workers reach retirement age, they often have many questions regarding Social Security benefits — especially when […] The post 10 of the Best Books on Social Security appeared first on Grit Daily News.

11 Clever Nighttime Routine Hacks Parents Use With Their Kids

05/24/23 7:12 PM

Here’s how families with little kids make winding down for bed less of a battle.

16 Stunning Destinations For An Eco-Friendly Vacation

05/18/23 3:15 PM

Whether you’re interested in exploring natural landscapes or supporting conservation efforts, there are incredible options all over the world.

21 Best Pickleball Paddles and Pickleball Gifts for the Avid Players in Your Life

05/25/23 8:44 PM

This increasingly popular sport is fun for all ages — here are the best paddles and accessories for pros and beginners alike.

31 Tweets About The Wildest Reasons For Flight Delays

05/24/23 5:45 AM

"Flight delayed due to a bird strike. Not totally sure if that means they pooped on the windshield, flew into the engine, or are picketing on the runway."

5 Summer Fashion Steals To Add To Your Amazon Cart

08/12/22 7:00 AM

I wanted to pull together a quick little roundup of 5 Amazon fashion steals to add to your cart this summer The post 5 Summer Fashion Steals To Add To Your Amazon Cart appeared first on Scout The City.

5 Ways to Attract the Best Talent in the Automotive Industry

05/26/23 5:41 PM

The automotive industry is one of the most rewarding companies to work with today. Many are attracted to the industry’s versatile career opportunities and competitive salaries. However, given today’s tight talent market, automotive companies looking to attract the best talents can face many challenges. These candidates are not only motivated by high paychecks. They also […] The post 5 Ways to Attract the Best Talent in the Automotive Industry appeared first on Grit Daily News.

6 Things Thin Parents Of Fat Kids Need To Understand

05/26/23 5:45 AM

You can't control your child's size, but you can be their ally and their advocate in a fatphobic world.

7 Ways The New Interest Rate Hike Can Affect You

03/24/23 1:47 PM

The Fed just raised interest rates again. Here's what it means for us regular folks.

9 Genius Closet Organization Hacks From TikTok Organizers

05/23/23 5:45 AM

The pros share their best tips for decluttering your closet.

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