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Experts Predict What Socializing Will Be Like This Fall And Winter

09/23/20 5:45 AM

Here's what to expect with gatherings and activities over the colder months of the coronavirus pandemic.

Not Ready For The Salon? Here’s Why Press-On Nails Are So Big Right Now.

09/23/20 5:45 AM

A DIY manicure is simpler than you'd think. Here's what to know about application, removal and brands to try.

16 Easy Sheet Pan Recipes For The Days You’re Running On Empty

09/23/20 5:45 AM

Chicken, fish, vegetables ... just pop them on a baking tray and your meal is basically ready.

What To Do If Your Family Or Friend Shares Misinformation On Facebook

09/22/20 5:09 PM

Should you call out a friend who shares disinformation or misleading stories on social media?

Why The Unemployment Rate Doesn’t Tell The Whole Story Of Joblessness

09/22/20 7:16 PM

"Discouraged" workers who've given up on looking for a job aren't counted in the official unemployment rate.

How To Politely Decline Social Invitations Amid The Pandemic

09/21/20 6:54 PM

Etiquette experts share tips for backing out of social engagements and rejecting invites in the age of coronavirus.

What’s The Difference Between Cheap And Expensive Nonstick Frying Pans?

09/22/20 5:45 AM

Expert insights from chefs, test kitchen cooks and culinary school instructors.

20 Practical Home Finds On Amazon Under $20

05/25/18 1:12 PM

Affordable Amazon purchases every home needs, from kitchen storage to bathroom organization.

These Are The Top Toys Kids Will Be Asking For This Year

09/22/20 10:41 AM

Your kid's holiday wish might include a "Star Wars" Lego set, a Baby Yoda plush and festive Barbie.

Latinx-Owned Etsy Jewelry Shops To Shop Now And Support Always

09/21/20 4:56 PM

Shop handmade necklaces, earrings and rings from Latinx designers on Etsy.

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